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As a young woman, I have always struggled to find a birth control option that meets my needs. I went on the pill at a young age, and after about 5 years I started to question it.

What are the long-term effects? How do synthetic hormones affect my body?

I decided to go off hormonal birth control to experience my natural cycle - a decision I’ve stuck with to this day.

Since then I’ve realized that a lot of women have the same concerns. Hormonal birth control isn’t for everyone. But the power of hormonal birth control is what it means for women - it’s liberating. It allows us to call the shots. We feel in control over our reproduction (as we should be).

I started to wonder why women don’t feel empowered by the non-hormonal birth control on the shelves. Specifically, condoms. In fact, women feel uncomfortable altogether when it comes to condoms:

  • 68% of women feel uncomfortable buying condoms
  • 82% of women do not carry condoms with them
  • Women are more likely to feel uncomfortable enforcing the use of a condom

Honestly, these statistics didn’t surprise me. But they infuriated me. Especially considering condoms are the only form of protection against sexually transmitted infections. The more I talked to women I realized the number one problem with condoms is the stigma that surrounds them. 

My mission with Slipp is to empower every woman to feel comfortable buying, carrying and using condoms. Synthetic hormones should not be the only answer to feeling in control of our reproduction. And ultimately, it's time for women to stop feeling shame around sex.


- Victoria Lyons, Founder

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