The Problem With Ribbed "For Her Pleasure" Condoms...

The Problem With Ribbed "For Her Pleasure" Condoms...

The condom aisle can be an uncomfy place - especially when you’re a woman and feel like the products aren’t made with you in mind. Historically, ribbed for her pleasure seemed to be the only acknowledgement of female pleasure among condom products at all. But here’s what you should keep in mind about them:



1. For most of us, they actually don’t do much for our pleasure at all...

Ribbed for her pleasure condoms are usually ribbed near the tip of the condom, meaning it stimulates the upper part of the vagina during intercourse. However, it’s the lower third of the vagina and the vulva where the most sensation is. That’s where you really want to focus when it comes to her pleasure! That being said, everyone experiences pleasure differently, so if ribbed condoms enhance your pleasure - great! 


2. On the other hand, they can cause irritation and discomfort.

The texture of the ribs are there to add friction. Often, that friction can become unpleasurable. Too much friction can cause irritation for some people. People with vaginas are biologically more prone to irritation and painful sex, meaning textured condoms are usually better to avoid. So much for her pleasure. If you do enjoy a little extra friction, adding lube can help. Keep in mind, adding lube is best practice whether you’re using textured condoms or not.


3. Women don’t need gimmicks to find sex pleasurable.

While it’s nice to see some acknowledgment of female pleasure in the condom aisle, it feels like a bit of a gimmick. We don’t need ribs, dots, heating, or cooling sensations for safe sex to be pleasurable. Suggesting that safe sex isn’t inherently pleasurable only further perpetuates the idea that sex with condoms is “less pleasurable.” And that narrative is harmful - especially for women, who have more at stake when it comes to safe sex. 


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