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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I had a friend of mine who gave me a slipp condom and let me say I have never felt a more comfortable condom in my life! Thank you for creating a condom designed for women’s pleasure and safe sex."

- Bree, Aug 22, 2022

“I honestly cannot stop recommending slipp condoms bc I never realized how irritating the condoms I was using before were until I tried slipp’s.“

- Catherine, Aug 17, 2022

"First use of Slipp post partum... 10/10!! 👏 I was super nervous for the first time after my quick, vaginal delivery as I tore both labias in birth but I could hardly notice it was there"

- Syd, August 13, 2022

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Spread the word: VIRGINITY IS A CONSTRUCT 📣 Let's talk about it... 1. When we have sex for the first time, we don’t “lose” anything....

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The Problem With Ribbed "For Her Pleasure" Condoms...

The condom aisle can be an uncomfy place - especially when you’re a woman and feel like the products aren’t madewith you in mind. Historically,...

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