It's A Pleasure To Meet You.

In 2020, I had the idea to start a condom business.

The idea came from my own personal struggles with finding the right birth control option for me. I liked the idea of condoms as a non-hormonal, pain-free option. But I didn't really resonate with any of the condom brands on the market. It felt like they were all talking to men, rather than women like me. I also noticed many of the products out there were made with vaginal irritants and caused discomfort.

So I started Slipp 😀

It's Not Just About Condoms...

⭐️ Biologically speaking, people with a vagina have more at stake when it comes to sex. They're more at risk of irritation/infection. If they're faced with an unplanned pregnancy, they bear the physical responsibility of either giving birth or going through an abortion.

⭐️ Over 80% of straight cis women admit they don’t carry condoms with them. There's this double standard that when a woman carries condoms she's promiscuous or 'always ready for sex.' Meanwhile, when a man carries condoms he's generally seen as responsible.

⭐️ Straight cis women are less likely to enforce the use of a condom. This has a lot to do with the fact that we’re taught that men are more entitled to pleasure than we are, so there is a fear of asking them to sacrifice their pleasure for our comfort.

I want condoms to not be embarrassing!!! And I want women to feel comfortable reclaiming their right to safer sex AND their right to pleasure.