"Virginity" is a social construct

"Virginity" is a social construct

Spread the word: VIRGINITY IS A CONSTRUCT 📣 Let's talk about it...

1. When we have sex for the first time, we don’t “lose” anything.

Virginity is not something to be taken.The concept of virginity praises purity and shames those who choose to explore sex.

2. People with a vagina aren’t “supposed” to bleed from first time sex.

While it’s true that you may bleed from the hymen being stretched open - this doesn’t necessarily happen from first time sex (or from sex at all). Many people with vaginas are born without a hymen, or it ruptures in other ways (not from intercourse). It’s perfectly normal to not bleed during first time sex.

3. Virginity is not a medical term.

There is no medical or scientific definition of virginity. It’s a concept that came from society, culture, and religion. Historically, men were taught to look for the “purest womb” to bear their children. This notion has created shame for women who choose to have multiple partners. Men have not been taught to stay “pure” for their partner in the same way that women have.

4. Virginity is a heteronormative term.

Lastly, “virginity’ suggests that sex is defined by penis/vagina intercourse - which is not the case. Sex exists in many forms regardless of anatomy.

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