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Is the morning-after pill the same as the abortion pill?

Is the "morning-after pill" the same as the abortion pill? Nope! They are not the same. Contraception prevents pregnancy. Abortion ends a pregnancy. Emergency contraception (aka. the morning-after pill or...

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How to Find the Right Birth Control Option

Guest Blog, by Reya Health How to Find the Right Birth Control Option Finding the right birth control can be difficult. We’ve all been there,...

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Launch Day: It's not just about condoms...

If you're new here, hi! We're Slipp - a sexual health brand with a mission of normalizing women carrying condoms in an effort to improve reproductive...

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Stay In Touch – Body Acceptance Through Self-Pleasure

Can finding self-love really be as simple as ‘loving yourself’? Seems easier said than done, but there’s something to be said about those feel-good endorphins...

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Are We What We Eat Down There?

Let’s get one thing clear; we are not what we eat down there... unless we eat asparagus. You probably heard a bunch of different rumors...

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Sex Journaling For Couples & The Self-Partnered

In our perfectionist culture, we feel the need to do everything right by the book. We exercise four days out of the week to be in shape, work over fifty hours to feel productive, and rigidly follow a 12-step skincare routine every day twice a day. This fast-paced lifestyle makes it nearly impossible to take the time to stop and reflect on whether if we are benefiting from these practices that are supposedly synonymous with living well. The truth is, there is no one size fits all recipe for wellness, and this is especially true when it comes to sex. Read More

Are Blue Balls Real?

When does sex end? If you’re a woman who has had sex with men, chances are you’ve had an experience with sex automatically ending when a man ejaculates - even if you haven’t yet climaxed. 95% of heterosexual men say they orgasmed the last time they had sex, compared the 65% of women. This is also known as “the orgasm gap” - a term coined by Dr. Laurie Mintz.

This came up in a conversation I had the other day, and it led to an interesting topic: blue balls. We were reflecting on why heterosexual men might orgasm more often than heterosexual women, and one suggestion was that perhaps some women feel that if their male partner doesn’t ejaculate they might experience discomfort from blue balls...

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