Why More Women Should Carry Condoms

Why More Women Should Carry Condoms

One of the reasons I started Slipp was because of the lack of options in the condom aisle that spoke to me about my health & pleasure.

There was no shortage of barely there, naked-feeling, or ever-lasting options to satisfy male pleasure. But what about vaginal health? And what about our pleasure?

On top of that, I learned that most heterosexual, sexually active women were not carrying condoms of their own. They were relying on men to provide the protection, and avoiding the condom aisle because - let's face it - they didn't feel very welcome there.

But there are plenty of reasons why women SHOULD carry condoms! (if they use them). So let's delve into them:

1. Vulva-owners have more at stake

Biologically speaking, vulva-owners have more at stake. We're more at risk for irritation or infection, or, if we become accidentally pregnant, we're physically responsible for bearing the child or going through a potentially traumatic abortion.

So if we have more at stake, why are we leaving it up to the penis-owners to buy the condoms? Shouldn't what is going inside of our bodies be just as important (if not more) as what is going outside of theirs?

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2. Having ownership of the condoms gives you a sense of control

Since we have a lot at stake, many of us want to feel in control of our contraceptives. By providing the condoms, you get to choose your preferred brand or type (maybe Slipp 😉?) 

This is an especially important point if you're sensitive to irritation or have an allergy to latex. All the more reason you should carry around the brand that works best for you.

This also gives you the advantage of knowing how the condom has been taken care of. For example, has it been sitting in his wallet in his back pocket for the past year? Is it expired?

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3. You're helping to disrupt the status quo! (aka: smash the patriarchy ✊)

There's this backwards idea that if a man carries condoms he's "responsible" but if a woman carries condoms she's "promiscuous."

I couldn't disagree with this more. In my opinion, carrying condoms sends the message that you take care of your body. Just because a woman is prepared for sex doesn't mean she's having a lot of it. And even if she is having a lot of sex... who cares? She's protecting herself while she does it! That's what matters.

Carrying condoms helps disrupt this backwards notion and celebrate sex-positivity!

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 In Summary...

It's 2022, and it's time to feel sexually-empowered! For some of us, carrying condoms is a way to embrace that empowerment. And if it's not for you, that's totally okay too. Whatever makes you feel the most in control, safe, and comfortable 😄



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